Thank you for visiting V Speed Aviation, LLC. We are focused primarily on flight training and student pilot education in the areas and airports around North Western Nevada in the Reno/Lake Tahoe area airports. We also provide airplane ferry services and one-on-one ground schools as needed by our clients.

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If you are in the nearby area and have no experience whatsoever, but would like to begin the path to becoming a private pilot, or build on your existing flight experience to earn your instrument rating, commercial certificate, or even start the journey into the airlines we can get you going.

Piper Comanche Flight Over The Golden Gate Bridge.

We have experience in what it will take for you to start out, increase your training and earn additional certificates, ratings, and endorsements that will open doors for you as a commercial pilot both in single-engine as well as multi-engine airplanes.

Whether you would like to be weekend piloting for friends and family in a rental plane or work toward the serious business of flying for a living in the airlines or for a private charter company – let us know and we will provide the no-nonsense answers you need to make the best decision for your future plans. You can also look here for a brief summary of the major pilot levels and how they build on one another.

Becoming a pilot is far more accessible than most people know. Contact us for a free consultation to learn what the first steps will be and tell us what your goals are.

We look forward to talking with you.