V Speed Aviation LLC has an airplane for rent.

For rent on an hourly basis is our 1964 Cessna Centurion ‘D’ Model. This 285HP airplane is not meant for (and will not be rented for) initial pilot training. This aircraft is focused on pilots who have obtained at least their Private Pilot Certificate, have at least 100 hours of fixed wing flight time logged and are looking to earn their High Performance and Complex logbook endorsements.

An Unassuming Appearance Belies A Very Capable And Friendly Flyer.

We have a curriculum for earning the High Performance and Complex endorsements which includes some ground training and will take about three average-length flights of ~1.5hours each or possibly two flights of ~2 hours each.

This is also an excellent platform for learning “professional” IFR flight training for instrument rated pilots as it boasts an impressive suite of avionics, an autopilot with electric trim, control wheel steering, altitude hold, altitude preselect and is capable of flying the enroute, terminal and approach segments all the way down to published minimums.

A Modern Cockpit For An Efficient Cross-Country Flight.

For those pilots with their High Performance and Complex endorsements and interested in renting it for personal cross-country flights, there is a minimum 10-hours of dual training for a “check out” in the aircraft. This will provide time to become familiar with the avionics, the auto-pilot, maneuvering, performance and handling characteristics as well as building the time many insurance companies will want prior to flying it without an instructor on board. The pilot will need to show proficiency in flying this heavier and faster GA airplane.

It can be rented for personal use and cross-country flights using our online booking system.

The current feature list of the Centurion:

  • Continental IO-520-A – 6 Cylinder 285HP Fuel Injected Engine with Engine Pre-Heater
  • Useful load of 1,100 pounds with a Max Gross Weight of 3,100 pounds
  • Garmin GTN 750 – GPS Navigation System with regularly updated NavData, Terrain, Obstacle, SafeTaxi and FliteChart databases
  • Garmin GTX 345 – Transponder with ADS-B Out and In
  • Garmin GNC 255A – COMM/NAV Radio with Glideslope and a Dedicated CDI
  • Aspen EFD 1000 – Primary Flight Display with Synthetic Vision, AOA and Minimums
  • JPI EDM 830 – Engine Monitor and Logging System
  • S-TEC 3100 – 2-Axis Autopilot with Electric Trim, Control Wheel Steering, Altitude Hold and Preselect
  • Hooker 4-Point Harnesses For Both Pilot and Co-Pilot

It has ample storage space and a good useful load making it a very good cross-country flyer. And using the JPI EDM-830 Engine Monitoring System it can be leaned in cruise for a very respectable ~9.5 GPH consumption at 12,000 feet travelling at ~130 knots TAS.

Sipping Fuel And Still Flying Faster Than 130 Knots TAS At 12,000 Feet.

The leather interior was completely redone a few years ago and is in excellent condition.

For details on renter’s insurance requirements, the current hourly wet or dry rate and to review a rental contract for this airplane contact us.