Recommended Pilot Logbooks

Pilot logbooks are surprisingly not created equal and some have very strange and unhelpful layouts, thin lines for flight entries, no room for comments, etc. Based on our experience we recommend these logbooks below based on specific types of flying and future plans.

Just perform a search for the logbook name below (e.g. ASA-SP-30) and buy from your favorite retailer. We like for many of our purchases.

For 80% of pilots, including instrument-rated and commercial pilots, this ASA logbook represents a very good choice with room for additional types of aircraft and has room for Pilot/CFI notes and endorsements.

The Very Sensible Logbook Layout for the ASA-SP-30
The Very Sensible Logbook Layout for the ASA-SP-30

Another solid choice for most aviators with room for several types of entries and room for remarks by you or your flight instructor is the Gleim Pilot Logbook.

The Gleim Pilot Logbook.

For the professional pilot or someone planning to make a career in aviation and needs more room for additional types of records that the airlines or charter companies will want to review, this Jeppesen logbook is probably the best choice:

Large Format Layout of the Jeppesen Professional Pilot Logbook