Rates for flight instruction below are based on ‘Hobbs time’ for flight instruction.

Most flights are simply charged the ‘Hobbs’ time as accumulated by the airplane’s Hobbs meter. However, if there is significant time spent on the ground during pre-flight, teaching airplane systems, planning and/or briefing there may be some time charged at the Ground School rate.

$60/hr – One-On-One Ground School

Sessions designed to provide interaction on topics needing reinforcement or explanations beyond what may be provided by the online learning curriculum.

Cross country flight planning, navigation log preparation and pre-checkride mock oral exam sessions are common examples where dedicated, multi-hour ground sessions are performed.

$60/hr – Simulator Training*

See our Flight Simulator page for all the information regarding the use of a local flight simulator for your flight training.

*This instructor rate is in addition to the simulator rental fees which will be far less than renting an airplane.

$70/hr – Safety Pilot

For Instrument Pilots regaining/maintaining currency and other flights where a second pilot may be needed for insurance or safety purposes. This is not a flight where instruction is provided or logged by the CFI in the pilot flying’s logbook.

$75/hr – Basic Flight Instruction

Student/Learner Pilots in the Sport Pilot, Recreational Pilot or Private Pilot category.

This is also the rate charged for *ANY* pilot with any rating or certificate level looking to hire a CFI to work on landings, cross-country flight assistance or maneuvers for personal development including flights for WINGS credit. If all the maneuvers for a particular WINGS task are completed, then online credit will be provided by the CFI in addition to a logbook entry for “dual received”.

This rate also applies to pilots working to re-acquire a private pilot certificate after a “Notice of Revocation” action by the FAA. The paperwork regarding that notice will need to be reviewed prior to the start of training.

$90/hr – Advanced Flight Instruction

For pilots seeking more advanced flight instruction, such as:

  • Instrument Rating
  • Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC)
  • Commercial Pilot Certificate
  • Multi-engine Flight Instruction
  • CFI-Instrument Training and Test Prep
  • CFI Initial Training
  • 709 Checkride Prep (What is a ‘709 Checkride’?)

Pilot Flight Review (formerly called the Biennial Flight Review)

  • $90/hr in airplanes rented from clubs or flight schools that V Speed Aviation LLC partners with.
  • $120/hr in airplanes owned by the pilot requesting the review. All maintenance logs will need to be available and reviewed so that an airworthiness inspection can be completed prior to flight.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is highly recommended that instead of conducting a flight review, simply hire a CFI at the “Basic Flight Instruction” rate to complete a requisite number of flight tasks using the FAA WINGS program. This is a better way to maintain currency because there is an online portion the pilot can accomplish in their own time at home and a flight portion conducted with a CFI going over certain maneuvers outlined in the WINGS task. It is the FAA’s way to get away from the “every two years” mentality and promote continuous learning, increase pilot proficiency and (hopefully) decrease the number of general aviation fatalities that occur every year.

The Flight Review rate is for both the time spent conducting the airplane/log inspection as needed, the ground portion of the review and the time in flight conducting the review. Note that in Part § 61.56 it states, “…a flight review consists of a minimum of 1 hour of flight training and 1 hour of ground training…” The actual time of a flight review is typically longer and is based largely on the pilot’s current proficiency. Pilots that have not been working to maintain proficiency or ‘Rusty Pilots’ that have not flown for months will likely require more than one hour of ground review and more than one flight.

The flight review is not another checkride and it can’t be ‘failed’, but there is the requirement for the pilot to be knowledgeable and demonstrate the ability to maneuver, consistently land the airplane safely and meet the ACS requirements for the pilot’s certificate level. The review is performed in accordance with the FAA’s flight review guidelines which can be found HERE and FAA Advisory Circular 61-98.

Prior to the flight review we will need to asses the pilot’s skill level in order to tailor the review to the pilot. Please fill out and submit this form to us a couple days before the review.

Also, please use one of the many available resources to build knowledge and a level of proficiency to prepare for the PFR.

Airplane Ferry Services:

Do you have an airplane you need to get from Point A to Point B, but can’t get it yourself or don’t have the time to travel and bring it home?

1957 Cessna 172 Ferry Flight From Nervino (O02) to Reno/Tahoe International (KRNO)

Ferry services can be performed in almost any area of the continental United States, are provided on an as-needed, case-by-case basis only and rates will be determined by distance flown, travel time and incidentals involved and hotel costs (if applicable). Note that weather is a major factor affecting when ferry flights can be performed.

Local ferry service in the Northern Nevada area will typically cost $200 – $300 flat rate per flight plus any travel cost (e.g. rental car, Uber, Lyft, etc.) associated with reaching the remote airport and any return travel costs to Reno, Nevada should the airplane fail the pilot’s inspection and be unairworthy upon arrival.

Written assurances are required that any airplane to be flown will be airworthy in accordance with Title 14 CFR Part § 91.205 for the planned type of operation (i.e. day, night, IFR), ready to fly upon arrival with all logbooks (airframe/engine/propeller/appliances) available and ready for inspection, airworthiness directives complied with and legal to fly in the United States.

A copy of our preflight checklist can be found here. This is what the ferry pilot will use to ensure it is ready and legal to fly. Please download, print, and use it to ensure all necessary items are in compliance.

Please contact us with your needs. We will discuss the options available and provide a ferry contract for you to review.