Recommended Kneeboards

Simple as it sounds, a kneeboard is an invaluable tool. From the beginning of the flight when you need to record the current weather information, clearances from the tower or unexpected directions from ATC during your flight, the simple kneeboard makes it easy to stay ahead of the airplane.

In addition, they have nice little quick-reference information printed on them for those important facts pilots don’t necessarily use every day (e.g. light gun signals).

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For the VFR pilot this is a good choice:

For IFR pilots, this kneeboard has specific information printed on it more relevant for that type of flight environment and includes a laminated card with VFR and IFR notes:

Use these yellow (not white) notepads for your kneeboard. The white notepads reflect too much light and can be distracting, so yellow is a better choice:

The best pens for use on your notepads and especially in your logbook, where space to write is limited: