Sporty’s Deluxe Learn To Fly Course Kit

Although we prefer the Gold Seal Ground School for what we believe is better content, this Sporty’s package represents an overall good deal for the student pilot working for their initial Private Pilot Certificate. We continue to hear complaints about the Sporty’s course, but very good feedback on the Gold Seal Ground School.

The Sporty's Learn to Fly Kit
The Sporty’s Learn to Fly Kit

If you have not purchased anything at the moment then this package has all the essential tools for training and for the written test with several of the items we recommend at a price that is hard to beat.

  • The Good:
    • E6B Calculator that can be used during the written exam.
    • An acceptable protractor for use with sectional charts.
    • ASA FAR/AIM (ensure they send the latest version).
    • Hard copy of the Airplane Flying Handbook.
    • Hard copy of the Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge (PHAK).
    • Popular size flight bag with a nice embroidery option.
  • The ‘Meh’:
    • Sporty’s private pilot training ground course is just so-so. We’ve used this and were not impressed. A better course is the Gold Seal ground school course.
    • Fuel sampler is not required and provided by flight schools and flying clubs.
    • Foggles are not required and typically provided by flight schools and flying clubs or your CFI.
    • The Airman Knowledge Testing Supplement Private Pilot is nice, but not really needed.
    • The pilot’s logbook is an undisclosed type and some are better than others. See our page of recommended logbooks HERE.

If you already have some of these items, skip the Sporty’s kit and print out our New Student Start-up Guide for what we recommend you buy/download/use based on our experience.

Note: New editions of the printed FAR/AIM for the next year typically come out in mid-September, so just be sure that you are provided with the latest copy when it arrives or send it back for the updated copy.